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California dental Group owned by Kamran Sahabi. I was very concerned about the accuracy of the treatment diagnosis and on multiple occasions, both orally and in writing, requested they produce a copy of my treatment clinical notes.

After several months had passed and I still didn't get the notes; I filed a complaint with the State of California. It was only after the complaint was filed that they finally produced my treatment notes. The only reason I can think of for not producing the clinical notes of their diagnosis and treatment is to change what they had written should a malpractice claim be filed. What is of further interest is that this dental practice appears to have a policy of withholding the patient information.

If it is their policy to withhold the patient information it raises the question WHY do they have such a policy? Have they had so much trouble in the past with bad patient outcomes to warrant such a policy? Regardless, I don't wish to be treated by a dental group which withholds its patients clinical notes.Very bad dental practice.

Wrong diagnosis and failure to address problem. They do business in Los Angeles and there is more information at

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